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The University of Manchester at Harwell


We operate and maintain several pieces of equipment that are used for in situ experiments on beamlines or that can be used for off-line measurements complementing X-ray or neutron experiments.

Equipment currently available:

Deben CT500 micro-tensile test machine for tomography

  • Applied force: Up to 100 N, 1% accuracy
  • Movement: up to 10 mm stroke, 300 nm accuracy
  • Sample size: up to 25 mm long, 6 mm diameter

Deben CT5000 micro-tensile test machine for tomography

  • Applied force: Up to 5 kN, 1% accuracy, 500 N load cell also available
  • Movement: up to 10 mm stroke, 300 nm accuracy
  • Sample size: up to 35 mm long, 20 mm diameter
  • Temperature control: -20 – 160 °C, monitoring to 0.1 °C
  • Coming upgrade: confinement for toxic materials

Electro-thermo-mechanical tester (ETMT)

  • 3 kN universal test machine
  • Fast heating of samples through direct electrical resistance heating
  • Heating rate up to 200 °C/s.
  • Cooling rate up to 100 °C/s.
  • Optional inert gas environment

Energetic materials confinement and interlock system

  • For fast (10 kHz) radiography of energetic materials undergoing deflagration to detonation transition (DDT)
  • Maximum 350 mg of material

Impactor and interlock system

  • For fast imaging and radiography of materials under 30-80 m/s impact
  • Range of impactors available on request

Nikon CT 225ST – X-ray computed tomography system

  • Accurate method for non-destructive measurement of internal geometry and morphology
  • Micro focused system with a 3µm spot size
  • 5 axes: X(450nm), Y(350nm), Z (725nm), Tilt (+/- 30o), Rotation (330o)
  • Two interchangeable targets: tungsten and multi-metals (W, Cu, Mo, Si)
  • Inspection cabinet (2.4m x 1.3m x 2.2m) can accommodate samples up to 50Kg in addition to rigs (e.g. Deben CT 5000)
  • 16 bit detector with 2000x2000 active pixels and 200µm pixel size
  • Contact for information

Radiochemistry containment cell

  • Transuranic Sample Holder for XAS (TSH-XAS)
  • Uses standard Nalgene cryovial for sample
  • Triple-walled containment cell
  • Design and testing documents available (please email for information)
  • Made by Fairbrother and Grimshaw Engineering Ltd
  • Contact Sam Shaw for advice, systems of work and loan of cells