Advanced manufacturing

Revealing how materials transform during modern manufacturing processes.


Principal Investigator


  • Saran Ramachandran

PhD students

  • Zhengyu Yan
  • Fan Wu
  • Da Guo
  • Adnan Ditta

Transforming bulk materials to products, not only with the desired shape but also with high energy efficiency and optimized final properties, is a key challenge in modern manufacturing.

Scientific understanding to engineer the microstructures as well as minimize the defect formation while manufacturing processes is vital to address such challenges.

The experimental investigations on dynamic phenomena like flow, phase changes, and defect formation under processing conditions allow us to reveal how to modify and control both microstructures and defects during modern materials processing methodologies, such as additive manufacturing.

The intense X-rays produced at the large scale facilities like Diamond Light Source are immensely instrumental for real time in situ investigation of manufacturing under realistic conditions.