The University of Manchester at Harwell (UoMaH) was established on the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory Site (Harwell Campus, Oxfordshire) in 2018 with a vision to deliver excellence in National Facility science.

Our mission is:

  • To act as a portal, facilitating connections between The University of Manchester and the world-leading capabilities of the National Facilities, to deliver social, economic and cultural impact.
  • To build partnerships with government, National Facilities, industrial and academic stakeholders at Harwell and beyond, to jointly address the challenges set by the UK’s Industrial Strategy through excellent research.
  • To discover and develop innovative techniques and technologies to enhance facility science, data analytics and workplace safety.

Delivery of new technology and techniques is driven by our core team of technical and administrative staff, and delivery of research is driven by Research Fellows and their groups. The core team is all Harwell based, whereas the research faculty is based at Harwell and Manchester. We specialise in developing equipment and running experiments for extreme environments (high pressure and high temperature environments or radioactive or toxic samples).

One of the key aspects of UoMaH is its location. Being collocated at Diamond under a collaborative arrangement, within walking distance of all the National Facilities, makes it easy for the core team and research fellows to interact with all the beamline scientists and to act as support staff during experiments at the National Facilities:

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